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Harris Race Radios Multi function Sterilizer & Dryer circulates air in a temperature controlled environment to safely dry helmets, gloves, and footwear. Multi sports Motorsports, Baseball, Softball, Cricket, etc.

It’s hard to put that wet smelly helmet on your head. What’s happening to your expensive equipment? The truth is cheek pads and liners degrade over time from perspiration and bacteria. This multi-function helmet dryer keeps your equipment in peak condition longer by stopping mold and mildew before it starts. You can focus on your driving or riding and quickly refresh between events.
Harris Race Radios Multi function Sterilizer & Dryer Features:
  • Temperature and timer digital settings
  • Automatic Start & Stop
  • Quick heating and drying
  • Simple design easily accommodates multiple styles and sizes
  • Anti-bacterial, eliminates odors and controls bacteria growth
  • Dual dryer ports
  • 240 volt

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Helmet multi dryer

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