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This FreeM Adult karting rib protector device, called the Brave type, represents the market’s most technologically advanced ribs protector. It first consists of a special sandwich of composite materials. This makes it extremely flexible and dynamic, while the particular weave of the inner pad is shock-absorber.


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This Adult karting rib protector can provide a number of benefits for kart racers:

  1. Protection: The primary benefit of a this safety device is that it helps protect the athlete’s ribs from impact and injury.
  2. Comfort: The Adult Freem rib protector should fit snugly and in a comfortable way. Therefor providing support without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. Moreover this can help racers to move more freely and perform at their best.
  3. Confidence: Stems from the assurance that you are well-protected, subsequently empowering you to drive faster. This allows you to drive without fear of injury.
  4. Injury Prevention: By providing extra support to the ribcage, a rib protector can help prevent injuries such as broken ribs. These can be painful and require significant recovery time.

Overall, this can be a great investment for racers. It can help them stay protected, comfortable, and confident on the field.

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Anonymous — verified owner

Brought the largest size not much room for expansion

Brett H. — verified owner

Nice and slim, fits well.

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