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The “Turbo Series” FA1126 Remote Intake Blower is normally used in an enclosed windowed vehicle, where the high temperatures inside the car warrant pickup of outside air thru a NACA duct. The Turbo Series Remote Intake Blower is a very popular model on paved circle tracks or road course venues.

All of our “Turbo Series” FA1126 Remote Intake Blowers were created for the weight conscious racer weighing only 1.5 to 1.8 pounds. Built-in mounting feet allow easy vertical or horizontal install.


Why choose this blower? This is one of our best selling blowers because it is very light and can be mounted just about anywhere in the car! The Turbo Series blower is for the weight conscious racer that still wants fresh air to their helmet.

Car Racing Driver Helmet Pumper Air Pump

This blower does not come with a mount.

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