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This is the system that every drag racer using alternative fuel needs in their car! This will bring you clean breathing air, straight to your helmet in case of a fire. Save your face, save your lungs, save your life! FAST has the lightest, most effective supplied air system available.

3000 PSI, 120 Cubic Inches Meets all D.O.T. regulations for compressed air cylinders.

Carbon-Wrapped Cylinders are made with a seamless aluminum liner that is precision-formed by a six-step process with quality control inspections all along the way. After forming the neck of the liner by a computer-controlled spinning process, the cylinder is wound thousands of times with high-strength carbon fibers impregnated with epoxy resin. The process is then completed with a final over wrap of fiberglass fibers for enhanced abrasion resistance.

  • (1) Carbon Fiber Fire rated bottle with valve assembly.
  • (1) Regulator Factory set at 25 PSI – gives 10-14 minutes of air.
  • (1) 8 Foot Black Fire Rated Air Hose Fire Resistant 350 PSI compatible.
  • (1) Ball Valve
  • (2) Hose fittings
  • (5) Hose Clamps
  • (1) Roll of PVC thread tape adhesive

Fill with compressed air per C.G.A. – 7.1, Grade D or better. The above parts make up the F.A.S.T. Carbon Supplied Air System. This system is an upgrade from our original composite bottle system. The Carbon Fiber bottle holds more air (10-14 min), is lighter (almost a pound) and has a 15 year life span.

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Fast Drag racing air system

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