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EVO5 is the evolution of the traditional datalogger that, all over the years, has become the standard acquisition system in a huge amount of championships.
With its compact aluminum body, EVO5 can be easily placed in any vehicle.
Its configuration with the new Race Studio 3 software is simple and immediate.

EVO5 features significant improvements:

Two multi-channel Motorsports connectors: simpleand straightforward, one top quality harness for ALL your connections.

A 37 pins connector for main applications (power, CAN, AiM CAN network etc.) and a 22 pins connector for additional functions like CAN2, digital outputs…

The internal SD card permits to record all possible data you may ever need. The card is protected by a waterproof door equipped with a sensor closing all files when you open it, to prevent any data loss possibility.

A USB connection is available, too.

In the box: EVO5, SD card, harness, GPS08 Module and software.

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