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Unassembled wired Motorsport helmet kit with Flex Boom, 3.5mm Jack, and Coil Cord, Fits all helmets, open face and some full face use Harris or Rugged QR clip, usable for helmet systems, Harris, IMSA, Offroad, Peltor, not usable for Nascar or Stilo.


  • Coil Cord with 4C plug
  • Full Flex Boom
  • Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Mic top quality Aero.
  • 3.5mm Jack for Ear Buds
  • fits QR kit mounting system

Rugged Radios Australasia 

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unassembled helmet kit
Unassembled Coil Cord Helmet Kit With Flex Boom Mic, 3.5mm Earbud Jack & Plug

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unassembled helmet kit

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