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The Bell Maglock Connection offers perfect hose-to-helmet connection with quick release capability. It fits universally on helmets and air hoses, suitable for both high G-force situations and weekend offroad racing quick helmet air fitting . MAGLOCK® ensures a secure hold, eliminating the need for duct tape or zip ties.

Key features:

  • Utilizes MAGLOCK® technology for a tight seal with 20lbs of force
  • Lightweight construction with nylon-infused ABS material
  • Designed for motorsports and recreational activities
  • quick helmet air fitting

Introducing the Bell MAGLOCK AIR connection:

  • Groundbreaking innovation in motorsports
  • Utilizes rare earth magnets for crucial rider-machine connections
  • No more zip ties or duct tape

Additional connection details:

  • Designed in California with patented technology
  • Fire resistant and safe for food contact

Bell Helmets

Bell Off Road Pumper Airs, Dirt Skirt & Comms Helmet

Harris Driver Helmet Air Hose

Bell Maglock Helmet Side Only

Bell Maglock Hose Side Only

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 20 cm

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Maglock Mag lock quick helmet air fitting

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