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Keep your communications powered on the go with the Battery Eliminator for Rugged Radios R1 Handheld Radio! This 12V eliminator assures your R1 handheld radio will never be out of juice, and you will always have communications when needed.

This Battery eliminator is great for long trips on the road, or a week long trail event where an AC outlet is not close. Simply remove the battery from your handheld radio and replace it with the battery eliminator. Plug it into the automobile auxiliary power outlet in your car, and you’re ready to go!

Rugged Radios battery eliminator for R1 Radios

If your battery runs out or you simply want to save your power for later, the battery eliminator is must-have accessory.

Always have communications when you need it!

Note: R1 handheld radio sold separately.

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Battery Eliminator for Rugged R1 Handheld Radio

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