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The B-G Steering Wheel Lock Tool is a safe and reliable tool for holding your steering wheel in the correct position whilst adjusting suspension or wheel alignment settings and adjustments.
The powerful clamping mechanism and strong aluminium, mild steel and plastic construction allows the user to hold their steering wheel firmly during geometry changes, ensuring the wheel is straight and correct after set-up has been complete.
With a wide base and coated hooking arms to prevent marking of the seat or wheel, the B-G Steering Wheel Lock is another essential addition for repeatability and consistency of vehicle set ups.
The Steering Wheel Lock is height adjustable from 120mm to 295mm to suit a wide range of vehicles and securely clamp your steering wheel in position.


Part NumberBG5148
MaterialAluminium, Mild Steel and Plastic
ColourBlack and Silver
FinishPowder Coated and Zinc Plated

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B-B Racing motorsport steering wheel lock tool

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