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The B-G Racing Low Rise Split Ramps are the best great solution to a problem commonly faced by many race teams, mechanics and vehicle owners, how to get your trolley jack under that low car.

They are ideal for use on lowered vehicles and race cars as the gentle gradient elevates the car an additional 70mm off the ground allowing for easier and safer access for trolley jacks to the underside of such vehicles. These ramps have the additional benefit of splitting in the middle, which allows for easier access to jacking points once the vehicle is on the ramps.

The Low Rise Split Ramps are produced from a durable black Polypropylene (PP) and have a combined weight loading capacity of 5000kg as a pair.

The Low Rise Split Ramps are sold in pairs.


Part Number BGR228
Brand B-G Racing
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Colour Black
Finish Smooth
Height(H1) 70mm – 2.75” (H2) 80mm – 3.14”
Width(W1) 190mm – 7.48” (W2) 200mm – 7.87″
Length 700mm – 27.55″
Nett Weight 3.7kg – 8.15lb
Gross Weight 4.1kg – 9.03lb
Loading Capacity(W.L.L) 5000kg – 11000lb per pair
Jacking low ramp

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