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iiThe B-G Racing 2.5” Tyre Pressure Gauge is manufactured in the USA and rigorously tested to provide repeatable and accurate tire readings.

Featuring a dual unit face, measuring from 0 to 60 Psi and 0 to 4 Bar, this gauge will be suitable for a wide range of users, and it’s fitted with a quick-bleed button valve on the handle to make fast pressure adjustments when required.

The B-G Racing 2.5” Tire Pressure Gauge handle is CNC machined from aluminium and fitted with a flexible 457mm / 18” length black hose is fitted with a ball foot chuck for easy attachment to the tyre valve. A rubber bumper around the head of the gauge helps to protect the dial face from damage.


Part Number BGR515
Tyre Pressure Gauge Range 0 to 60 Psi / 0 to 4 Bar
Material Aluminium
Height 127mm – 5.00”
Width 76.2mm – 3.00”
Length 457mm – 18.00” (Hose)
Depth 38.1mm – 1.50”
Nett Weigh t0.27kg – 0.59lb
Accuracy 0.5 Psi / 0.03 Bar
Resolution 1 Psi / 0.1 Bar
Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 35 × 10 cm

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BG Racing Pressure Gauge
B-G Racing – 2.5″ Tyre Pressure Gauge – 0-60 PSI / 0-4 BAR

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BG Racing Pressure Gauge

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