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New Smarty Cam GP HD with Bullet Camera 67 degree lens. The professional on-board camera with data overlay with remote bullet-cam. If you have a formula car, or a bike, or in every situation in which Smarty Cam is not so comfortable to install, here it is the version with remote bullet-cam, Smarty Cam GP HD.

Same video quality, same connections to Master Loggers, same features but a completely different look. It is in black anodized aluminium, billet machined with a light, robust, and really small Bullet Camera.

SmartyCam GP HD 2.2 overlays all the data you need from different sources. From GPS: track map and vehicle position, as well as speed, lap and split times. Connected directly to your ECU, SmartyCam GP HD gathers together RPM, throttle, engaged gear, acceleration, temperatures, pressures and – in presence of additional sensors – their values. All these info will be overlayed on videos in each single point of the track.

You can configure your overlays in a virtually infinite variety of modes: add your logo and the track map, and choose your graphic objects from a list of pre-determined sets with same layout or even single objects from different sets. Your videos will be truly “yours” in all details, from the data to their graphic layouts.

The video of a whole session, once downloaded on your PC, can now be split – with a simple click – in individual videos of each lap: so that you can simultaneously watch two of them and check where you were faster or slower. The same operation can be performed with any SmartyCam GP HD video recorded on the same track: you will be able to compare your best lap with your friends personal best!

The new SmartyCam GP HD has been designed integrating the direct connection to the CAN-bus line of the ECU and it will allow to use the can-bus communication protocols included in our official database, or manage the customized can-bus protocols.
This new feature has been designed particularly for those vehicle like Formula cars or race bikes, where the available space to fit things in is minimum.

We have introduced new solution in order to make all the connections stronger and more protected by electromagnetic noise, as a new connection cable for the bullet , now more protected, and a stronger filtering on the power connection of the SmartyCam GP HD.

Differently from the previous model which needed the specific GPS SmartyCam, the new SmartyCam GP HD has been optimized and now can only work with the generic GPS08 Module.

Available in 67 or 84 degrees bullet camera lens.

Please note: New SmartyCam GP HD does not come with GpS (this can be purchased separately). SmartyCam HD GP comes with either 200cm or 400cm CAN extension cable, please choose your preferred extension cable length option on right hand side before adding this product to your Shopping Bag.

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AiM Smartycam HD GP Rev 2.2 With Bullet Camera 67 Degree Lens

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