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Having 12v supply noise issues with your radio and intercom setup? Connect the Rugged/ Harris Active Noise Suppressor Filter inline with your radio and intercom to suppress noise generated through the charging system/power supply Suppresser 12v noise suppresser.

Alternating current fluctuations from any electrical components/accessories contribute to communication noise and disruption.

Using the simple plug-and-go Active Filter improves your communication for both your intercom and/or radio.

Simply install the Filter inline on the power lead to your component and instantly hear the results. The Active Filter is an affordable accessory that provides profound audio improvement and provides great value for your small investment.

The Active Filter is Rugged Radios new, updated version of the Audio Filter.

IMPORTANT: For all radios and intercoms, make sure you check your power supply connections prior to installation. Other models may have reversed power leads.

cactive noise suppresser12v noise suppresser

Audio Filter For Radio & Intercom Med

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