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Head & Neck Safety, FHR, Hans Devices


In most forms of motorsport it is now compulsory to use a frontal head restraint or FHR Device or Hans device. Head restraints aren’t the most glamorous of items but play a vital role in competitor safety in the unfortunate event of a frontal crash.

There are two main types of frontal head restraints available on the market and are designed by different manufactures to an FIA homologated safety test. These devices are designed to stop the head thrusting forward too far which causes a severe whiplash back, and it is this rearwards movement that actually breaks your neck. It’s important to note that FHR devices aren’t designed to prevent damage from a side impact and even though some can provide a level of assistance – it’s important to use a seat with ‘wings’ or side head restraint for adequate protection. These are currently not mandatory.

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