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AiM Mychron Karting

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We have a range of AiM Mychron karting systems to best suit your racing needs. The Aim Mychron 5, a robust GPS kart racing lap timer, offers flexibility with its choice of temperature sensors or thermocouple sensors. Specifically designed for kart racers, this device monitors both engine and exhaust temperatures simultaneously, providing comprehensive performance insights.

Whether adjusting your kart’s setup or analyzing data for a competitive edge, the Aim Mychron 5 provides the necessary tools. With its temperature or thermocouple sensors, it empowers racers to make informed decisions and enhance their racing experience.

We are the official New Zealand distributor of Aim Products. We have a great knowledge of our AiM Mychron karting systems and how you can get the best out of them for your racing.

How can we help you? Feel free to Contact Harris Race Radios at anytime 24/7.  Aaron Harris or Rex Harris are more than happy to supply free quotes for any of your requirements. They are specialised in Aim car system products and can answer all of your questions.

Aaron Harris:  +64 27 449 9654  Rex Harris: +64 21 682 912