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Motorola Motorsport Specialist Digital Radios

Motorola Digital Motorsport Radios
Motorola Champ car

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Shown here are radios from Profesional Radios to Clubman’s Radios

Motorola Motorsport Specialist Digital Radios.

Motorola digital profesional motorsport radio system
Professional Motorola Digital Motorsport system

Motorola Solutions is the most used radios in Motorsport, for a very good reason they are the best.

MotoTRBO Digital Radio Equipment is simply the best equipment you can use in high noise, fast moving, sports.

MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Complete System. With more performance, productivity and value, the next-generation professional two-way radio is here. Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organizations that require customizable, dependable communications.


Motorola MotoTrbo Pro Radio

MotoTrbo DP3400MS by Motorola

Motorola DP3400 digital Motorsport radio
Motorola DP3400MS

Available in Digital VHF or UHF

This Special Professional  Motorsport dedicated radio is our best seller, Works at all levels of motorsport from Clubmans to Professional, and in all applications in-car, Pit, official etc.

This is flatout the best radio on the market.

MotoTrbo Display Pro

Motorola DP3600 motorsport display radio

Motorola MotoTrbo DP3600MS

This is the display version of the DP3600MS, giving you  the ability to view the setting on the radio

Digital UHF or VHF radio w/ display

This Motorsport special radio gives you a display so you can utalise all of the advantages of Mototrbo, Text, channel display, battery condition, GPS. etc.

Motorola HRR5 Clubmans Digital radio

Motorola HRR5 motorsport radio
Motorola HRR5

Simple and affordable, the MotorolaHRR5radio connects your Race Team efficiently and has the flexibility to grow with your team. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analog and digital technology, the HRR5 is perfect for the Clubsport user who wants to stay connected. It is fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios and has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more. You can also choose the analog-only model, which gives you great voice communications today with the option to migrate to digital when you are ready. Whatever your needs, the HRR5 provides a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help Race Teams connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right.

Motorola CP476 CB plus 5 Programmable channels

The Motorola solutions CP476 is an easy-to-use radio which, when operating on the Citizen Band, does away with the need for licensing contracts or fees.
It is ideal for any small operation wanting a simple, affordable CB radio built to the commercial quality you need.
With 80 CB channels plus 5 programmable channels (450-480MHz), the CP476 also boasts built-in voice scrambling providing enhanced privacy and communication while improving work efficiency.
Its durable, lightweight and compact design is comfortable to use

Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Mobile 12V High power 25W

Motorola DM3600 offroad radio
High powered Digital Motorsport radio by Motorola

Motorola DM3400 (Mobile equivalent of the DP3400)

Digital VHF or UHF

This 25W radio is connected directly to 12V, is idealy suited for applications where extra range is required, punch through the interference, or long distance races requiring very long battery life. Can be used on Fleetlink, etc.

Motorola MotoTRBO Mobile display model 12V Hi Power

Digital VHF or UHF

This 25W radio is connected directly to 12V, idealy suited for applications where extra range is required, Punch through the interference, or long distance races requiring very long battery life. Can be used on Fleetlink, be fitted with GPS etc..

MotoTRBO Repeater High powered ultimate long range

Motorola DR3000 Repeater
Motorola DR3000 Digital Repeater
Motorola SLX1000 digital motorsport repeater.
Motorola SLR1000 waterproof Digital Repeater

DR3000 Repeater Motorola

  • This is how to get long, range clear communications, up to 100Km.
  • 100% continuous full duty cycle at 25-40W means big coverage.
  • Integrated power supply.
  • Operates in analogue or digital mode, bright, clear, colored LEDs indicate mode.
  • Get twice the calling capacity of an analogue repeater with Mototrbo digital TDMA technology and save  on extra repeaters and lower license costs 

Motorola 6 Way Smart gang charger

Motorola 6 Way Charger
Generic Motorola 6 way charger
Generic 6 way charger

Motorola 6 way chargers are available for all models of Motorola Portable Radios

Only Motorola chargers use advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning features, the IMPRES Smart Energy System ensures the maximum talk-time and optimized battery cycle life. In addition, batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when needed

   Professional Analog radios by Motorola solutions, These models are now obsolete by Motorola, we can still get parts for these radios and their accessories, please ask us for what you want. 

Motorola GP328

Motorola GP328
  • Motorla GP328
  • Motorola GP328
  • Motorola GP300