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Motorsport Telemetry, Radio Modem, WiFi, 4G, 5G Networks

900MHz Long Range Data Radio. New Zealand Spec

Complies with NZ Radios spectrum license free requirements

900MHz High Speed Data Radio

The RFI-9256 radio is a license free frequency hopping modem in the 900MHz ISM Band, designed for long-range data transfer and reliable telemetry operation in Motorsports environments.


900MHz License Free
  • Dual RS232 ports for separate data streams
  • 1 Watt transmit power (software selectable)
  • Up to 30km line of sight*
  • 115,200 kbps air data rate
  • Multi-mode LED front panel display for diagnostics, including RSSI meter
  • Protocol addressing and routing support, DNP-3, Modbus and IEC 870 compatibility


Radio Network Packet Protocol

The RFI-9256 is suited for Motorsports data, Telemetry applications, where reliable wide area data transfer is critical.

The data radio can be used in small scale telemetry systems, with almost any PLC, RTU, HMI or DCS vendor for monitoring and control of critical assets.

Telemetry applications

The radios are also used in complex GPS systems

A more flexible alternative to WiFi or 4G networks.


Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum  Users can select from a range of pseudo random hopping sequences to avoid interference in the license free band.Data Integrity  User selectable Automatic Retry Request (ARQ) combined with radio CRC offers a high level of data integrity for end-to-end error free transmission.Diagnostics at a Glance  The front panel LEDs display diagnostic information indication such as Received Signal Strength (RSSI), transmit power, radio temperature and RS232 port status.Adjacent Channel Rejection  Superior receiver design enables good data recovery even in crowded spectrum environments by rejecting unwanted radio signals.Easy Network Management  The user is able to view diagnostics and change the settings of other remote radios within a network from a single point.Easy Network Configuration  The Cruise Control software allows the user to configure, save and upload radio configuration settings. This allows for multiple radios to be configured more efficiently.  

206mm x 84mm x 35mm (case)
171mm x 79mm x 26mm (OEM)
– In Case 300g
– OEM 70g
Construction: Powder coated aluminium

Serial Data: RS-232 Asynchronous with handshaking
Interface Speed: 110bps to 115200bps software selectable
Error Rate:
-106 dBm for less than 1×10-6 BER

Antenna: BNC Female (50 Ohm)
Serial: 2 x RS232 ports and power on a custom DB25M

Specialist connections may be needed to connect Motec, AiM sports, and Link ECU’s we can help with this.

Operating Voltage: 8V to 30V DC (negative ground)
Operating Current:
– Transmit @12 V 850 mA nominal @ 1W
– Receive @12 V 150 mA nominal
Operating Temp: -10 to + 60 deg C
Operating Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing relative humidity

Frequency Range: 915 MHz to 928 MHz (ACA),
902 MHz to 928 MHz (FCC), 921 MHz to 929 MHz (DOC-NZ)
Air Data Rate: upto 115 kbps (software selectable)
Duty Cycle: 100%
Transmit Power: 1 W (+0dBm to +30dBm)
Mode of Operation: Time Division Duplex (Pseudo full duplex)

RFI-9256 00 915 MHz to 928 MHz, ACA, Data Radio
RFI-9256 CA01: 920 MHz to 928 MHz, DOC-NZ, Data Radio
RFI-9256 CF02: 902 MHz to 928 MHz, FCC, Data Radio
RFI-9256 OA00: 915 MHz to 928 MHz, ACA, Data Radio, OEM
RFI-9256 OA01: 920 MHz to 928 MHz, DOC-NZ, Data Radio, OEM
RFI-9256 OF02: 902 MHz to 928 MHz, FCC, Data Radio, OEM

Re, WiFi systems: we would suggest before deciding to use a WiFi based system that you check all of the tracks that you intend to use it at, a lot in NZ are extremely difficult to get full track coverage. 

4G and or 5G telemetry around NZ at the present is patchy even when a cell tower is in sight, the data transition is very dependent on the usage of the tower that you and the car are connected too. One day its good the next nothing. Antennas used are critical particularly on the car, ensure you are using the best for all telemetry. Cell networks are a finite rescores and shared with phones, Facebook, timing even the electricity meter street lighting etc. is connected to the network, its not easy.