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Complete Radio Motorsport Communication Systems

The professional Radio Engineers at Harris Race Radios have designed complete rugged radios systems for two-way Motorsport communication. We have systems that cover any type of Motorsport racing within any budget. From the road race course, Drifting, Off-road to the drag strip or anywhere in between, Harris Racing Radios has your communications covered, Clubmans to Professional. We also cover Circuit racing V8, TR86, TRS, NZV8 Utes,D1NZ, Off road Car to pits radios, offshore to shore, car racing, headsets, PTT, digital radios, analog radios, Motorola, Kenwood.

Harris Race Radios
Harris Race radio system complete

Purchase a Professionally Engineered Car Racing Communications Radio System.

Harris Race Radios Recommendations.

Harris Race Radios recommend the use of a full private channel license for Motorsport Communications as this gives the best results, depending on your requirements. We are approved by RSM to engineer NZ radio licenses. Getting a radio license is not expensive and simple as we take the difficulty out of it.

Harris Race Radios have an extensive range of full systems available starting from our entry level systems ideal for low noise vehicles through to our full full noise canceling professional race radio systems. Everything in one Harris Race Radios package, Radios, Headsets, PTT, car Communications harnesses. Purchasing a radio package costs less than buying individual parts. Packages are discounted.

We cant emphasize enough the importance of choosing a system that future proofs your investment.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is never truer than with Motorsport Communications Radio Systems.  

Motorola offroad radios
World leaders in Motorsport Communications.

Professional Radio Systems.

Motorola Profesional Motorsport Communications radio System.

Motorola Digital / Analog Radio Systems.

Below are some of our systems:

Harris Motorola Full Professional Digital System.

Above is the Motorola Motorsport full professional Digital UHF radio system designed for professional Motorsport teams and competitors. This system is simply the best and we would recommend it to all motorsport teams Clubmans to full professional.
Ideal for professional racing at any level and for any type of racing, endurance racing, sprint racing, off road, boats etc. who want more range. The ultimate in noise cancelling, and clarity and a big step up from all other systems.
The system comprises 2 UHF or VHF Motorola radios and private channel digital 135 channel radios, helmet adapter cables, helmet to Radio wiring, PTT Switch, Smart Chargers, Professional Pit Headset, professional external antenna, etc.

A higher powered 12v version is ideally suited for longer range and longer events like enduro’s

Harris Race Radios Motorola Motorsport Digital High powered 25W complete system.

We recommend the use of radio licenses.
The use of a full private channel license this give the best results, depending on your requirements. We are licensed by the Government to issue Licensing in New Zealand https://www.rsm.govt.nz/licensing/licensing-in-new-zealand/.

PRS CB UHF, (No License required.)
VHF v UHF Analog v Digital
Or full private channel license depending on your requirements.

Motorola HRR5 Digital Radio system.
This is a first of the Motorola Digital UHF semi-professional Motorsport HRR5 based systems this system is upgradable. As your motorsport radio needs increase upgrade your system. Ideal for clubmans, endurance racing, sprint racing, etc.. Racers who want more range, noise-canceling, and clarity and a big step up from the Base model system.
The system comprises 2 UHF or VHF Motorola HRR5 Digital radios, Arial, all cables, PTT Switch, Chargers, Pit Headset, etc.

Digital Clubmans radio system.
Harris Motorola Clubmans Digital / Analog Motorsport Communications System
Harris Motorola Clubmans Analog System

Race Radios Entry Level Analog Motorsport Communications Systems

Harris Race Radios Entry Level Analog Motorsport Communications System
Race Radios MX or Kart training simple one-way radio system
Harris MotoX Moto/Quad/Snowmobile Kit