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FreeM Race Clothing Racewear

FreeM Race Clothing Racewear

FreeM Racewear racing overalls and clothing

“In a world full of copy cats.. be original.. be different.. be the best. finest racing overalls
We invite you to work with us in creating 100% Italian designed and made race Giuseppe Custom race suits and race clothing for car racing and kart racing motorsport overalls to gloves and boots don’t forget the fire proof underwear. All custom….. be different, have the best suit freem overalls.

Aaron Harris your Motor racing Taylor.

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Freem is  globally recognized as bespoke race and leisurewear brand of race clothing.Who provide CIK, FIA & SFI approved products to the karting, car race clothing and all motorsport markets.

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Call Aaron on +64 27 449 9654 or Rex +64 21 682 912 or get in touch via Facebook.

FreeM racewear New Zealand

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Beautifully Tailored and World Renound


Freem is a globally recognised bespoke race and team wear brand who create CIK, FIA & SFI approved products to the karting and motorsport markets. The brand originated in Italy in 2001 and later expanded its distribution globally. Working directly with athletes, drivers and sports teams Freem creates garments that exceed customer satisfaction at every stage, from the initial design process to performance on the circuit. See for yourself the products Freem create by visiting our product pages and online store.

100% Italian made FreeM Racewear NZ Racing clothing


Freem products are made with the finest Italian Materials and all hand made and assembled in Italy.


We offer bespoke custom designed products & off the shelf apparel. Our design team is at your full disposal for the best racing overalls.


Freem is your personal tailor, we provide one on one service to guarantee you get exactly what you have imagined.

“In a world full of copy cats.. be original.. be different.
We invite you to work with us in creating 100% Italian designed and made race Giuseppe Andretto
Freem Director International Exports

FreeM New Zealand NZ


All our Freem NZ Racewear range is hand made in Italy using the greatest quality European fabrics for racing overalls .

Bespoke Motorsport Suit

The 111 Sofio race suit is a lightweight, breathable 1st generation Nomex Fireproof suit motorsport overalls. (FIA 8856-2000 approved) Simply the best race overalls.

FreeM racwear New Zealand NZ car racing clothing

Nomex Undergarment

The construction is Nomex, the best European quality fibre. Very comfortable design, especially for endurance race clothing.

FreeM NZ Fireproof underwear

Bespoke ‘D10’ Seneitive Shoes

The D10 Sensitive Race Shoes are both comfortable and technical featuring a full leather exterior.

FreeM Racewear NZ shoe

Freem is a global leader and specialists in custom motorsport and karting racewear. Thanks to years of experience and Italian craftsmanship, Freem is able to combine fashion with the world of motorsport. Innovative products will ensure safety whilst aiding in performance and providing a stylish look with a wide range of customisations. Freem products are made for the racer who enjoys the finer things in life. For those who want to ‘be different’.


‍Featuring external seams, fully-integrated grippy palm and constructed from a significantly thinner material, the latest FreeM Senso 16 Gloves are the latest in a new generation of FreeM Racewear for use in both Karting, Single Seaters, GT & Rally. Race Clothing

  • Thinner Material
  • Fully-integrated Palm Grip
  • Fireproof
  • Washable at 30°C
  • FIA 8856-2000 Approved
  • 9 Years of Product Development
  • 100% Made in Italy

These gloves can be decorated with your logo.

FreeM racewear New Zealand NZ racing glove Sensor clothing
FreeM NZ motorsport Glove sizes race clothing
Select the glove size that best suits you.

Glove sizes STD 8 to 12 (special sizes to order.)

Size Around Hand716 / 18 cm818.5 / 20 cm920.5 / 21.5 cm1022 / 23 cm1123.5 / 26cm



FreeM K19 Custom Karting Suit racing overalls.

The K19 Karting race suit is hard wearing and lightweight suit. This innovative design is CIK-FIA 2014 approved race clothing racing overalls for motorsport overalls.

FreeM New Zealand NZ Karting overalls Race Clothing.

‘Spider Touch’ Karting Gloves

The first technical kart glove with anti-slip inserts on the whole surface of the palm designed specifically for karters race clothing.

FreeM Racewear NZ Karting Gloves
FreeM Glove sizes

D07 Kart Shoe

Synthetic leather used on this shoe is a special microfiber that combines lightweight and comfort.

FreeM NZ Kart Sensitive shoes Race Clothing

FREE MINDS srl company was born in 2001 year. The 3 members was a group of friends united by the passion for technology and innovation; they started with an R&D studio, oriented to offer a design and technology service to the sport companies located on Treviso area.

Many products has been developed thanks the technological background of company members. The target of the young company was to start with an own product and on 2003 this happened, the FREEM brand has been registrated as trademark and the company developed his first composite product for the karting market, thanks the positive feedback of the drivers other karting products was developed.

Later, on 2006, the company oriented his interest on fireproof fabrics for motorsport, developing a new generation of race suits motorsport overalls outside of normal schemes and without any existing preconceptions the target was a new ergonomic concept of driver suit.

At the end of 2006, a new idea for karting and motorsport gloves has been projected using a special siliconic fireproof prints: the brand was the first to place on the market a glove with no-leather applications on palm.

On 2008, due to customer demand, the shoe “SENSITIVE 09″ has been developed a new motorsport shoe to obtain the best performance thanks to an ergonomic fit.

On 2009, FREEM approached to a new market developing the first floating suit and in 2011, in partnership with the italian powerboat federation, the innovative concept was to avoid use of life jacket over the normal suit.

Another good project started on 2011: FREEM created a new ultralight fireproof car racing suit, probably the currently best product on the market.

At the beginning of 2013 a new challenge for FREEM brand. The company transfered his composite know-how on a new product and created an eyewear branch and the first sunglassess line collection. The Composite Technology oriented to a new concept of eyewear, not only a sport product, but something more close the urban daily use, a true lightweight sunglasses for man and woman.

A new challenge for show what is possible thinking in a different way.

Our future is full of new ideas to better satisfy all our customers with innovative products.
FREEM is the innovative quality italian brand.