About Roux Helmets USA

Roux Helmets revolutionize Motorsport car racing with advanced features inspired by feedback from New Zealand NZ racers. They include built-in electronics, helmet cooling, and driver hydration. These helmets are lightweight and use modern designs with materials like composites and carbon.

Founded in 2014 by racers Juan Carlos Leroux and Toto Lassally,  over forty years of racing experience. They have won races worldwide, like the SCCA Run Offs and the 24 Hours of Dubai. Roux Motorsport Helmets reflect their expertise.

These Car Racing Helmets have innovative designs and cutting-edge features. The Release Equipped System is their most advanced safety feature, allowing easy helmet removal in emergencies to reduce the risk of injuries.

Roux's mission is to provide high-quality and affordable helmets with innovative designs for safety and comfort to fellow drivers.