FHR Frontal Head Restraint Hans Devices

FHR Frontal Head Restraint Hans Devices

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What Are Hans Devices?

Stand21, as the original manufacturer of Hans neck brace Devices, has established itself as the original and most popular brand of frontal head restraints. These Frontal head restraint FHR devices attach to the helmet using posts. Hans neck braces have a specific design to prevent the head from whipping during a crash, thereby reducing the risk of a potentially fatal basilar skull fracture. Furthermore, they provide secondary protection by limiting excessive rotational movement. It is worth noting that all Hans devices have received approval from either FIA or SFI, ensuring their compliance with rigorous safety standards.

Hans 3 Stand 21 frontal head restraint FHR
Hans devices have a 'U' shape and sit on your shoulders, extending over your chest and wrapping around the rear of your neck. This design allows for easy removal while still attached to your helmet. Among the brands we offer, Stand 21 stands out by incorporating several comfort enhancements not found in other brands.

Where Do They Sit?

The HANS device is located on your body by the racing harnesses of the car. There are dedicated HANS harnesses with a narrower two-inch shoulder strap, however Stand 21 recommends a three-inch harness as the more harnesses you have on your device the better. You do not require a specific HANS harness for use with HANS devices. The geometry of the harnesses is important for the operation of the HANS in an accident. The recommended fitting instructions are supplied with each device to help you in setting the harnesses and seat.

The Design

All Stand 21 Hans FHR Device models (excluding the Hi-res) feature ergonomic chest yolks, which are designed to fit comfortably around your collarbone. This design enhances the overall comfort of the frontal head restraints. Furthermore, the chest yolks of these devices are equipped with soft Nomex pads, which enhance comfort levels even further. These pads are filled with air and can be easily pumped up to provide the ultimate level of comfort. There are different models which are priced by the materials used in the device's construction. The more you pay for the relevant device, the lighter it becomes. This becomes a consideration for racing purposes where the overall weight of a driver and equipment becomes important. 

Hans Device Neck Brace Sizing Chart

Find the best size for you or your driver.


If you have any questions about which Hans Device you should be wearing please feel free to contact us here at Harris Race Radios. 

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Below is a collection of our Hans device range, and as you can see, we have one for every budget, so every driver can be safe. 
Frontal Head Restraints (FHR Devices)

Harris Race Radios takes pride in providing a diverse range of FHR devices that cater to different needs and budgets. In various forms of motorsport, the use of a frontal head restraint device is now compulsory. These essential frontal head restraints (FHR) play a crucial role in ensuring safety within any motorsport vehicle. They effectively protect your neck in the unfortunate event of a frontal collision.

Stand 21 FHR line frontal head restraint FHR

Two main types of frontal head restraints exist in the market, various manufacturers design them to comply with FIA homologated safety test.
These devices are designed to prevent excessive forward thrust of the head, which can result in severe whiplash injuries. It is the rearward movement that actually causes neck fractures. FHR devices lack design for preventing damage from a side impact, and while they can offer some assistance, they do not provide full protection in such scenarios.. Because of this it’s important to use a seat with ‘wings’ or side head restraint for adequate protection. These are currently not mandatory.

Principle of Operation

Whichever frontal head restraint you choose, the principle of operation will be the same.
You attach it to your helmet using posts that mount with a required 6mm bolt and connect to the FHR device through a tether. This base sits around your shoulder area and will allow the belts to pass over a HANS device, holding it firmly in place. It’s important that the belts are firmly on top of the FHR as during an impact the belts are what holds it in place.

Simpson Neck Brace

Simpson Hybrid female sport frontal head restraint

Simpson Hybrid FHR frontal head restraints are also designed to attach to the helmet. This makes for easy movement in and out of the car while reducing the risk of getting caught up on other equipment inside the car.

We also have female-fitting Simpsons specifically designed for our female racers. 

Helmet Attachments

Frontal head restraints are specifically designed to attach to a driver's helmet. This allows for the preservation of normal head and neck movement. Depending on the specific FHR chosen, various attachment options are available. These include Hans posts, Simpson fitting kits, Hans sliding kits, and neck-gen helmet post hardware. This results in offering a range of choices to suit individual preferences and requirements.

Hans Helmet Combos

We offer a range of helmets and Hans combos. Each combo includes a Hans-compatible helmet, Hans posts, and a Hans device. This creates the ideal head and neck safety package for any driver. These deals are fully customisable, and we can accommodate various add-ons based on your specific requirements. Some options include an integrated water drink tube with quick disconnect, complete radio gear with noise-cancelling microphone, and speaker pods.

Neck Donuts / Neck Braces

We have a range of neck donuts to suit any driver’s safety budget. We have three donuts, with one having an SFI rating. These are foam rings that increase safety in the event of a crash and decrease the risk of whiplash. 

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